Friday, December 25, 2015

The Beginning...

      Ok, so I finally decided to start writing my very first blog. It has taken me so long because to be honest, I was worried about all the grammar and spelling mistakes that I would make. I am not a writer by any means and so that can be extremely intimidating! The other thing was I was afraid of putting my heart and soul out there and not having a single person care to read what I wanted to that is a HUGE fear for me!
Sooooooo today I said screw it, I want to share things about my life that I think may help someone out there. Even if only ONE person reads this, I know it will be meant for them. To heck with perfection, I am going to do this anyways. Here we GO!

     I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. Yes I know that may sound wacky to some, especially to those who are skeptical. I've dealt with people judging me my whole life, and I am perfectly ok with that. I am who I am and I chose to live my life helping as many people as I possibly can! 

     Growing up "different" wasn't exactly easy. Imagine seeing dead people standing at the end of your bed as a child?! Talk about feeling like a freak! Especially when I would go to my parents and tell them that their friend who just passed away came to talk to me within days of his passing. I will never forget the day that I saw my first spirit. We moved to a century old home on a farm when I was 9 years old. It was so spooky and living in the middle of the country, everything seemed dark. It had such old wood throughout the home. It had a very cold cellar in the basement where we stored our wood for the wood stove. I swear it was as if that cellar was full of creepy spirits. If only those walls could talk! Everything about the house freaked me out. That one scary night, I went to go up to my bedroom and happened to look up the stairs before turning on the light, and at the very top was a glowing figure of a woman! It took my breath away, scared the living daylights out of me! 

     I never quite understood why I was having all these "visits" from DEAD people!? Why were they with me everywhere I went??? As a child, you start to think that you truly are a freak. So none of your friends are having these "visits"?? How was I able to also just "know" and predict things? It took me years to understand that YES I did have these abilities...did I want to pursue them, HECK NO!!!!! I was scared to death! 

     I just turned 40 in October and for the last few years I have embraced who I am. I knew that I had a purpose, and that was to get on with it and begin healing the person at a time! In my upcoming posts, I will be sharing my life story. In the 40 years, I have lived a thousand lives. I have experienced things that even to me surprises me that I am still ALIVE. So to whoever is reading this (if there is anyone at all), I am going to bare it all in the hopes of healing through my words....

Sending BLESSINGS and LOVE your way...


  1. I am hooked!😃🤗 Your story is captivating and I will continue to wait for the next chapter. I think I can speak for many who say, "keep em coming!" 🤗 🤗