Saturday, December 26, 2015

The reason behind the "Journey To Healing" title...

     After reading through my first post, I felt the need to explain why I chose the name Journey To Healing for my Blog name....

     Yes I have explained that I am a healer, and that I talk to spirit, but I never really explained WHY I was so in tune with my abilities...especially as a young child. So let me give you some insight in to my life...

     My father is from the Czech Republic and moved to Canada in the early 70's. He had a pretty tough life growing up in a communist country. He fled to Germany with his brother and didn't go back until he was allowed in the early 90's. My mother is from Pakistan, and she also had a tough life growing up. She was sent to an awful boarding school when her father died when she was 13. Her large family split up and had to fend for themselves until one of her brothers sponsored them all to move to Canada. 

     My parents met at a local bar in downtown Toronto. They quickly got married and had my older brother. Then I came along two and a half years later. We grew up in a little town called Newmarket just outside of Toronto. Their marriage was a disaster from the very beginning. They were from two completely different worlds trying to make a go of it. Eventually we found out that my father had told my mother on their wedding day that he was a divorced man (a no-no for my very catholic mother). She found out about an hour before walking down the aisle. She felt she had no choice BUT to get married that day as she was also pregnant. You can even see their faces in their wedding photos looking completely somber. 

     Just a few months after they wed, she started to receive letters from the Czech Republic with child's writing...she then found out from him that he also had an 8 year old daughter that he never told her about. These are the things that I believe started their path of a destructive marriage. 

     My father was an extremely hard worker, he would do anything to make a buck. Now when I look back though, I see some of the shady things he did to accumulate so much. We were known as "rich" to some. We would take two and a half months vacationing around Europe every couple of years. My father had shipped his GMC royale motor home over to Germany and we would travel to all the best beaches in the south of France and Spain. Some of my favorite countries I loved were Greece, Switzerland and Austria. We stayed with my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins in Germany every time for at least a week or two. Sometimes they even travelled around with us. Friends and extended family thought our lives were wonderful.  They would see our photos of us at the top of the Eiffel Tower, swimming at the best beaches and visiting luxurious castles all over. Little did anyone know, that behind closed doors things were very dark. 

     For so many years I was bitter and angry with life. I will explain many, many of my experiences in upcoming posts as it will take me so many to share it all. I was in the middle of writing a book....but I got to my teenage years and it became too difficult to continue as the pain all came back. I have now worked on healing my life and traumas over the last two years and I am finally ready to share. I was told by spirit that what I have learned, I will teach. This is why I was born to be a healer. Those awful experiences throughout my life have allowed me to truly empathize with people and help them on their path to healing. I am very grateful to even be here, for there were a few times that I almost ended my life.....

     To any of my friends or family that are going to be reading these, I am sorry if you never knew how bad it had gotten and that I was near death. To those of you struggling with trauma, depression or anxiety. I hope you follow me along this blog journey so that you can know that you are not alone and there is ALWAYS a reason to KEEP GOING! Our pasts DO NOT define us. We CAN choose happiness and LOVE.

Until next time...sending you lots of LOVE AND LIGHT

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  1. I wish I had been able to see/help you through everything you were going through as a child...being a child myself, I was oblivious. I admire your immense strength and I thank God you have shown me the light (literally! LOL) So happy the universe has brought us back together,....know that I am always here for you. This blog will be such a great step forward for you and I look forward to reading every last word! xo